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Leo: July 23 – August 22


Radiant Leo, when you enter the room- others notice. Your commanding presence is as undeniable as your unique ability to bring your ideas to existence with the power of your will alone. The most charismatic of the signs- others naturally follow you- drawn to your joyful energy, creativity and liveliness.


I created the zodiac collection to reflect the strengths, energy, and qualities of the signs in a new way by infusing each design with my signature graphic-design focused style. I cast each piece in solid sterling silver hand polish, apply finishing details, and hand set a white topaz.  Never sacrificing quality for style- made to last multiple lifetimes. You wont see any other zodiac jewelry quite like this. 


The front  has a design unique to your sign and the back of each zodiac pendant is equally as eye-catching. Depicted on the back of each is the third eye- clear and open- radiating waves of awareness through the wearer and into the universe. I hand set a White Topaz in each pupil; because It is the stone of clear thoughts, and individuality. Intended to aid the wearer in harnessing the unique attributes and strengths of their respective sign. There is also an artist signature-signifying a handmade object- on the back along with a metal purity mark.


Each piece is packed in the signature Cha Metals pink stamped cloth jewelry pouch along with my handmade certification care card, a custom zodiac sign symbology and traits card unique to your sign, and a fine jewelry polishing cloth.


The optional chains are finely crafted, Italian-made snake chains. Comfortable, slinky, and satisfying to look at, touch, and wear. They consist of round, wavy, smooth metal plates that are joined together to form a flexible chain. Somewhat like a smooth snakeskin. Though I designed this pendant specifically to be worn with these snake chains, they will fit on most small chains.


PriceFrom $140.00
  • This is a one woman business 

    Please allow 5 business days for me to lovlingly pack and ship out your handmade item.

    If you need your item quickly, please leave a note with your purchase and I will do my best to accomodate :)


I am focusing all of my energy on my new collection. restocks, web orders and custom requests will open back up after the collection release :) 


one of a kind Jewelry and art. Independent artist made, in atlanta, georgia.

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