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Handmade in solid sterling silver


Made to order- please allow 4 weeks for production (reach out if you need it sooner and I will do my best)


 Made specially by me for you in solid sterling silver with any name or word(s) up to 15 characters. A Cha Metals twist on the nostalgic classic. I pulled heavily on my graphic design background for this project and every option is a custom type designed by me. A couple are my variations on classic styles and iconic looks but they’re all 100% unique and you won’t find any others the same. I wanted each design to be solid and substantial so they’re all heavy gauge, weighty silver or gold. Each one has unique hand carved detailing. You can see and feel the difference when you hold them, wear them, look at them. I didn’t cut any corners to make them cheaply, but took my time to create a future heirloom. 


each nameplate comes on a 16-18" chain- leave a note with your order if you have a legnth preference


PriceFrom $150.00
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